Wednesday, 3 July 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Karthik Jayakumar
Violence against Women: City takes a United Stand
Egypt’s Women Protest, Against Drumbeat of Sexual Harassment
Human Rights and Development Responses to VAW
Dutch Journalist raped in Egypt's Tahrir Square
Adultry, Rape, Wife-Swapping and VAW are norms in Maoist Camps

Contributed by Sonal
Two women gangraped in Gurgaon, India

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Centre for Indigenous victims of domestic violence being set up (AU)
Ohio Abortion Restrictions: Gov. John Kasich Signs New State Budget Containing Anti-Abortion Measures (US)
Foreign reporter raped in Tahrir Square (Egypt)
Public sector austerity measures hitting women hardest (UK)
'Tara' movie depicting woman's journey for empowerment (India)
Obama Announces $7B Investment in Africa, Encourages Fight for Human, Women’s Rights
Egyptian women fear rising tide of sexual assault as Tahrir crowds grow
Ukraine police station stormed by protesters after officers implicated in brutal rape
In Turkey Women’s Issues Simmer in the Background
Contributed by Megan Bird
Contributed by Maria Evangelidou 
Contributed by Norhana Kamid
Philippines deploys female diplomats amid sex scandal
Actor Baron Geisler may serve 6 months to 2 years in prison for acts of lasciviousness –
Five men rape journalist, 22, in Tahrir Square: reports
New wave of sexual assaults reported in Cairo

65% of women meet spouses online

Hala Alharithy: One of the first fashion stylists in Saudi Arabia

Businesswoman among first to file papers for JCCI elections  

Children in poor countries ‘sexually abused live on web’

Woman leaves note before committing suicide



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