Monday, 29 July 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'Lindy Boggs, congresswoman and advocate for women, dies' (Political Ticker):

'Unisex uniforms debut as Army opens units to women' (CBS Atlanta):
'Older women can succeed given a chance' (The Guardian):
'Baby before looking for work: Percentage of young women with jobs falls for the first time in generations' (The Dailymail):
'Baby first, job later for young women' (The Australian):
'Time to unleash potential of women entrepeneurs' (The Irish Times):
'Rape threats on Twitter won't get women to shut up. If we shout back we'll win' (The Independent):
'Taking on the tiger poachers: How the WWF is helping Nepalese women to give the big cats their future back' (The Dailymail):
'Women miss out on $165 a week, thanks to gender pay gap' (Herald Sun):
'Women lead table of bankruptcies among under-35s as household bills mount' (The Dailymail):
'Maladies cardiaques: les femmes mal diagnostiquées' (Le Figaro):
'Mariage: un quart des femmes ne veulent plus prendre le nom de leur mari' (Terrafemina):
'Les femmes sont nées pour sortir avec des hommes drôles' (Grazia):

Contributed by Maria Evangelidou
All-female jirga council defies tradition in Pakistan’s Swat – report

Gender based violence rising in Tanzania

How do we tackle online rape threats?

Op-ed: Let’s Be Strong [US] Men Who Stand Up For Women

Malian women press for peaceful, fair elections

Contributed by Tom Meisenhelder
Targeting and raping of women in the CAR:

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