Saturday, 27 July 2013

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Contributed by Norhana Kamid
Israel divorce law traps women in marriages that died long ago,0,4730957.story  
Satellite channel for women launched
Limbaugh Says Muslim Women Like Huma Abedin 'Don't Have Any Power'
North Carolina Oks $10 Million to Compensate Victims of Forced Sterilization
Women Occupy More Low-Wage Work Since Recovery
Caroline Kennedy Chosen as U.S. Ambassador to Japan
San Diego Mayor Removed as Military Sex Assault Even Keynote Speaker
Irish Justice Minister Calls Abortion Restrictions "Cruelty" for Women
Syria's Female Refugees Abused, Exploited in Lebanon
Contributed by Sabrina SinghJuly 26: My Republica: "Missing Women: Sex-Selective Abortion" July 26: Kantipur: "A Few Good Women"
Lack of female officers at police stations seriously affects women’s access to justice, especially for Madhesis July 25: Kantipur: "Three Held On Rape Charge"
July 25: The Himalayan Times: "Compensate Dalit woman: NGOs say"
July 24: The Himalayan Times: "Probe Assault on Dalit Woman: NHRC"
July 24: My Republica: "Magsaysay for fighting Nepal's flesh trade"
An NGO started by women survivors of trafficking receives the prestigious Magsaysay award, considered to be Asia's equivalent of the Nobel prize July 22: My Republica: "US ambassador to Nepal Peter W. Bodde stresses Women Participation in CA Polls" July 22: The Huffington Post UK: "Nepal- A Few Glimpses" July 12: Kantipur: "Maoists ‘forcing’ rape victim’s family to withdraw case"
Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'Outcry over Cleveland's missing women' (CNN News):
'Women's groups go on attack against Weiner' (USA Today):
'Is Weiner part of a 'war o women'? (NBC Politics):
'No women over 50 allowed (unless it's Helen Mirren)' (The Guardian):
'Democratic Party chairwoman calls on Filner to resign amid new allegations' (Fox News):
'Is Kare Middleton's 'mummy tummy' coverage disrespectful to women?' (Fox News):
'Women often miss easy way to increase chances of getting pregnant' (Fox News):
'Learning from The Brits: Five women who should go on America's banknotes' (Think Progress):
'Weiner estimates he sexted three women after resigning' (Political Ticker):
'Manchester exhibition celebrates Arab women in sport - in pictures' (The Guardian):
'Women have evolved to date funny men, study suggests' (Business Insider):
'Foundation launched to address violence against women and children' (The Guardian):

Contributed by Agata Blanco CompostelaCyprus: Stop Institutional Violence Against Migrant Women  Northern Ireland: EWL welcomes new Bill proposing to make paying for sexual services illegal 
No More Women's Weights for Rio 2016  
Pakistani women use jirga to fight for rights  
Self defence: Boston women prepare to fight back
Self-defence course teaches women to overcome their "need" to be nice McCaskill gets boost from military women in sexual assault fight
Contributed by Hannah Clarke
Woman accused of human trafficking and causing aggravated rape
Man was running a human trafficking operation, including teenage women with special needs
Rape and domestic violence against women have followed them to the Syria refugee camps
Foundation launched to address violence against women and children
Afghanistan can't thrive until its women have the chance to learn 
Castro pleads guilty to Ohio kidnapping of three women, and avoids death penalty 

Contributed by William KinSouth Africa: National Widows Forum launched in Polokwane

Namibia: "Women must reap fruits of tourism"

Tanzania: Gender Based Violence rising in Tanzania

Kenya: 22 Women sworn in as reps in Kiambu assembly

Rwanda: Partners discuss role of education in women's leadership

Kenya: 16 women sworn in to Garissa County assembly
Angola: Domestic Violence a social scourge – Governor

Contributed by Parmeet NagiMan booked for attempt to rape
Thousands stage protest against Rape of 15 year old

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