Thursday, 18 July 2013

Rape cases on rise in India

We acknowledge and celebrate women’s day, mother’s day and girl child day on international platforms every year. Several programs are launched by governments and international organizations globally almost every year to combat various crimes against women. But there seems to be no respite for women. Pregnant women are scared to give birth to a girl child. Pre-birth tensions surround them. Little girls are being raped brutally. Delhi saw few extremely unfortunate cases - one such case was the gang rape of the innocent college girl who was travelling with a friend in a bus last year. This incident shook the whole country and the protests that followed were massive. Even world-wide, such a heinous act was strongly condemned. Unfortunately, girl couldn’t survive, but she left her impression in minds of many. Even after such a case, gang rapes didn’t stop.

The rape and murder of the visually challenged girl of Beldal village was barbaric – the crime ensured that the girl met her sorrowful end. Raping a handicapped girl is extremely loathsome. Her kidney was damaged too. Her mutilated body was found near the forest. She was sleeping outside her house to beat the heat; is that a crime? Did that warrant such treatment?

Till date, girls are being sold as mere commodities. Sad but true, in few situations, it has been seen that family members are involved in such trading. Such heinous crimes have gained new lows these days. There seems to be a dearth of humanity. Doesn’t a girl have the right to live? What can the government and police do to change the mind set towards women and girls? This lack of orientation is devastating lives. People need to respect women. Life after experiencing any sort of crime is not easy. The need of the hour is to make cities women friendly; this will only be possible if people change their outlook towards women as a whole. 

Aakshi Kalra

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