Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Suffering for women doesn’t seem to end! 

Yet another atrocious act against adolescent girls! Inhumanity seems to be digging deeper into new heights every day. Men seem to be lacking sensitivity towards minors as well. Few days back, four young innocent girls were abducted from their hostel and gang raped by around 20 men late night. It has been reported that the girls were aged between 12 and 14 years and were studying a vocational course. Men were armed with weapon and knives. The incident took place in the Pakur district of Jharkhand, India. “Rapists had locked all the teachers inside, entered the girls’ hostel and took them outside. For half an hour, I was struggling to come out of my room. I broke the door and came out and then I came to know about the incident,” said the principal.
The girls were raped just 500 meters away from the hostel. Medical tests have confirmed that the girls were raped. Security guards were not there hence easy pavement for the intruders.
Eyewitnesses said the men carried off the girls to a nearby forest and raped them for around two hours. Such despicable incidents hit up to the conscience of humanity. How does their conscience allow them? Girls have to bear the pain for life time. As it is said that time heals every pain but the marks of exploitation shall remain forever. Safety of women even in a secured place like home/hostel has become a question now.
In small cities and districts, where already it was difficult for women to step out and study; now women must be way more scared. Hence hampering their growth and development.  
Such cases highlight how girls continue to bear the pain and remain unsafe in the country despite all efforts and protests. Government has been trying to tackle the situation by framing new laws but the condition remains deplorable and awful.

 Dr Aakshi Kalra


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