Thursday, 1 August 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Rubab Syed
Chile child's pregnancy sets off abortion debate
Contributed by Stephany Armas
SGBV among Syrian refugee families in Lebanon. The Marital rape is not been considered with the Lebanese legal code.
Massive rape inflicted by the Rebels M-23 and the Congolese armed forces in The Democratic Republic of the Congo.
New UN Statistics Show Alarming Rise In Rapes In Strife-Torn Eastern DR Congo

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'Political leaders often overlook the key to economic growth: women' (The Guardian):
'Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka: we have to become smarter on women's issues' (The Guardian):
'For Saudi women, new subway mill mean more than a cool ride' (NPR):
'Women lobbyists may be worth more' (National Journal):
'Personalized risj calculator for women's cancers' (Medical News Today):
'Arab women participate in Berlin soccer clinic' (Voice of America):
'NASA needs more women, top official says' (Yahoo News):
'Why can't women time travel?' (The Guardian):
'After signing abortion bill, North Carolina governor deliver cookies to women's health protesters' (Think Progress):
'Why women drink?' (
'Des femmes centrafricaines viennent demander les soutien de la France pour faire cesser les exactions' (RFI):
'Russie: un congé maladie pour les femmes qui ont leurs règles?' (Marie Claire):
Contributed by Sangeetha Royan
Canberra Paedophile's sentence halved on appeal
Court appeal rejects drug smuggler's battered woman defence
Foundation to deal with VAW launched
Regional focus for new Domestic Violence Foundation
Sex workers deserve an end to discrimination
Captive cleveland women kept diaries of Ariel Castro's abuses
Visiting Muslim Prayer Leader charged with Indecent Assault
Man charged with assaulting blind woman on Sydney Train

Contributed by Norhana Kamid
Egypt to see first female, Coptic vice-presidents: Morsi team

Delhi police chief: Women’s safety tops agenda


Self-immolation sparks new debate on women’s safety

For Saudi Women, New Subway Will Mean More Than A Cool Ride

6 Saudi lingerie shops shut for not employing women

Women account for 51% of university students


Women urged by UAE doctors to breastfeed their babies for longer


Exhibition illustrates Arab women's love of sport

Pinay in UAE assisting jailed women with babies

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