Wednesday, 14 August 2013

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Contributed by Farah Najar Arevalo

Contributed by Sabrina Singh:
August 12 2013: The Christian Science Monitor: "Maggie Doyne went from high school graduate to surrogate mother of 40 in Nepal"
August 12 2013: Kantipur: "No Demarcation Between Foreign Employment, Human Trafficking"
August 11 2013: My Republica: "Single Dalit Women Defy Convention"
August 8 2013: My Republica: "When Children Give Birth To Children"
August 6 2013: Kantipur: "Missing Women: Women migrants in Saudi Arabia must be made aware about amnesty provisions"
Contributed by Hannah Clarke
Women held in Peru argue they were forced by men in Peru to become traffickers of drugs

Violence in Canada towards indigenous women demands inquiry

Study details severe brutality against women in Papua New Guinea

Police hunt for attacker who burns and beats women in Detroit

Italy passes new laws to tackle violence against women
Contributed by Suyog Shelar
Zanzibar acid attack woman leaves hospital
Targeting Hard-core Urban Poverty with a Female Face
Abortion Heat Hits Alabama's 'Saturday Women'
Italy passes new laws to tackle violence against women
Contributed by William Kin
South Africa: 'Celebrating the Power of Women' - Women's Day Address by Dr  Mamphela Ramphele

South Africa: 3 505 Female Inmates in South Africa

Nigeria: Diplomacy Matters

South Africa: North West to Intensify Efforts Against Marginalisation and Any Form of Injustice Against Women - North West Premier Thandi Modise

Uganda: Youth Need Easy Access to Sexual Health Services 

Contributed by Agata Blanco Compostela Argentina:Targeting Hard-core Urban Poverty with a Female Face How US policy denies life-saving care to women raped in war Greece: UN reports that austerity hits women hardest Italy to introduce emergency new laws to tackle violence against women

Contributed by Megan Bird
Date Rape Drug-detecting Cups to Hit Market Soon
Four Former Football Players Indicted for Rape

Contributed by Mina Karim
Women in Development: 18 Tips for Career Success
Women of Color Strive for Firmer Political Foothold
Book Depicts Violence Against Women
Teen Dies In Domestic Violence Incident
Domstic Violence Victims Struggle Breaking Free
Women's Right Activist Flees Afghanistan
International Day of Female Orgasm

Contributed by Stephany Armas
Campaign to introduce U.N. day to end wartime sexual assault under way

Contributed by Megan Bird
Advancing Human Rights of Survivors of Domestic Abuse
Gender Violence Not a Private Matter
Contributed by Tom Meisenhelder

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
U.N. pressures Indonesia to stop health workers performing FGM
Rape: Zimbabwe’s Silent Political Weapon – OpEd
20 pregnant mothers die as ambulance is confiscated (Uganda)
Why Women's Rights Activist Noor Zia Atmar is Fleeing Afghanistan
Five ways that “staying safe” costs women
Democratic Republic of the Congo's women hold key to lasting peace
What Am I Doing for Sahar Gul? (Afghanistan)
NIGERIA: Girl Junior Engineers invent ‘urine power’ as new energy source

Contributed by Karol Arámbula: 
'Why women still earn less than men: It's the kids' fault' (The Washington Post):
'Women and men both ask for flex time at work. Ghess who gets it? (Slate):
'Why 26% of U.S. women still choose not to work' (CNN Money):
'High profile attacks on women in Afghanistan undermine rights campaign' (Reuters):
'The glass ceiling is incredibly low for Muslim women' (The Guardian):
'Pregnant presenteeism: Why women won't take time off' (The Guardian):
'Deap Vally is empowering women through music' (Los Angeles Times):,0,6848041.story
'Leftover women' in China face tough choices in looking for love' (Reuters):
'Abortion - It's not just for women anymore, thruthout says' (News Busters):
'Documents reveal secrets behind the Third Reich's 'bride schools' where women were trained to be perfect Nazi wives' (New York Post):
'Women's free speech is under attack' (Salon):
'Forget equality, women are now the dominant sex' (Business Day):
'Impulsan mujeres otomíes pequeña empresa de huitlacoche' (Rotativo):
'Ni una muerta más' exigen mujeres oaxaqueñas' (Diario Oaxaca):
'Sin primaria, 70% de mujeres indígenas' (Pulso):
'El sexo casual y sus nefastas consecuencias en las mujeres jóvenes' (AciPrensa):

Contributed by Charmaine Peart
Body found near Vacaville is that of missing federal investigator,0,5549925.story 
California teen faces long recovery after wilderness rescue, loss of mother and brother 
RI woman killed in double homicide sought restraining order against suspect 
Women's rights advocate takes message to D.C. 
'Fifty Shades of Grey' promotes violence against women, study says,0,3352797.story 
Woman badly beaten in Pendleton, police search for suspect

Contributed by Sangeetha Royan

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