Friday, 16 August 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Parmeet Nagi
India, Rape and Sexism

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'For women: a second sentence' (New York Times):
'Solidarityisforwhitewomen: Women of color's issue with digital feminism' (The Guardian):
'Retired military medical technician faces sex assault charges involving 18 women' (The National Post):
'Why women helping women is essential to workplace flexibility' (The Huffington Post):
'Women: Let's stop allowing race and age to divide us' (Harvard Business Review):
'The five archetypes of talkative women' (Forbes):
'Infertility less likel in women with children' (New York Times):
'Women's contributions to agriculture lauded at state fair' (Purdue):
'Attack on tweeting women' (In These Times):
'The women who have decided to live without sex...and the hilarious revealing reactions of their male suitors when they break the bad news' (The Daily Mail):
'7 Ways women can get back in the workforce' (Forbes):
'Footage of women being assaulted go viral' (The Star):
'Why women spend more time on shoes than women do' (The Guardian):
'Congo's women hold key to lasting peace' (Gulf News):
'Venezuela's Maduro pledges action on women's hairr thieves' (BBC):
'Agression de femmes à Colombes: un suspect, récidiviste, mis en examen' (Le Monde):
'Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée: l'enfer des femmes' (BMTV):
'Iran: un nouveau gouvernement et toujours pas de femmes' (Courrier International):
'Mali sensibilise sur la violence faite aux femmes' (Le Soir):

Contributed by Stephany Armas
New How-To Guide For Interviewing Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
 Storm Over "Gender" Word in Armenia. Conservatives thunder at term they say could “promote homosexuality”
Kenyan Rape Victims Seek Compensation
Group of women who suffered sexual attacks during mass violence five years ago to sue officials


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