Friday, 2 August 2013

News for Today

Contributed by William Kin
Sierra Leone: TRS Orphanage Benefits From 'Women Support Women'

Kenya: Men's Group Creates Marriage Contract

Sierra Leone: Make the Invisible Visible - Unicef Urges Louder Voices and Urgent Action to Fight Violence Against Children in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone: Wimsal Protests Against Rape Today

Kenya: Garissa Reps Told to Fight for Women's Rights, Interests

Angola's Contribution to Pan-African Women Highlighted

Africa: Ending Child Marriage Helps Women and Their Nations

Angola: President's Aide Urges African Women to Stick to Education

Contributed by Cheryl L. Daytec
A pedophile gets a royal pardon trivializing the criminal's conviction for 11 counts of rape of children

Contributed by Mina Karim:
Ariel Castro Gets Sentenced for Kidnapping of 3 Women: USA
Women as a Force for Change
Report: Domestic Violence Deaths in Connecticut,0,862161.story
Facebook To Help End Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence in India: Women's Existence 'privatized'
Human Rights Abuses In Top Holiday Hotspots

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