Monday, 26 August 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Norhana Kamid
Lawyer to represent murdered woman

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'No country for women: Study ranks Jamaica as the worst place for female entrepeneurs in the region' (The Jamaica Gleaner):
'Women far more willing to donate organs' (The China Post):

'How the Nixon administration tried to woo women' (The Atlantic):

'Aboriginal women exploited in Great Lakes sex trade' (The Star):

'Economic empowerment: Women overcoming various barriers to make their mark' (The Tribune):

'Women to protect men' (Eye Witness News):

'Disney pricesses sing for women's equal pay' (CNN Money):

'Swelling fast the demand for ''super boob jobs': Number of women opting to boost their bust by at least four cup sizes doubles in just three years' (The Daily Mail):

'Women will continue to be given opportunities by government, says PM' (The Malay Mail Online):

'Women in engineering earn 25% less than men' (Yahoo News):

'Women play larger role in 2nd March on Washington' (USA Today):

'Skeleton of 1,700-year old priestess that proves that WOMEN ruled Peru centuries ago' (The Daily Mail):

'Carol Hunt: Egypt cannot progress if women are denied equality' (

'Aimed for equality, Farina, others launch Women's Cycling Association' (Velo News):

'Coffee, wine, cheese: How much can pregnant women have?' (BBC):

'Promoting a right to abortion keeps women from achieving full liberation: Marilyn Kopp' (Cleveland):

'Women of Google Glass connect fashion and technology' (Economic Times):

'Marines to open infantry training to enlisted women' (USA Today):

'Pakistan accuses India of killing two women in Kashmir' (Times of India):

'Gang rapes reignite debate about women's safety in India' (Bloomberg):

'Celebrate Women's Equality Day: Vote' (JSON Online):

'Top donor rallies GOP women' (Politico):

'While unsung in '63, women weren't just 'Background Singers' (NPR):

'Bank of women in a crisis' (The Guardian):

'Over 100 women take up arms in Mexico to defend community' (La Prensasa):

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