Wednesday, 28 August 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Norhana Kamid
Rate of unemployed Saudi women up 2.3% in 2012

50 000 Women a Year Don't Get Jobs Back After Maternity Leave in U.K.

Obama Appointed Few Women to High-Level jobs
Washington Police Sued for Filming Undressed Women, Using Jail Cell Toilet
Contributed by Suyog ShelarLondon women 'unable' to leave China 
Topless women march in Vancouver for gender equality
Mexican Transgender Women Deported to Life of Peril
Contributed by Parmeet Singh NagiTitle: The Monitor :: Man rapes two grannies
Contributed by Ana Maria GuerraOpposition criticises Indian government over gang rape cases
Tanzania: Women Work Harder but Own So Much Less
No need for quota system, meritocracy is enough (Malaysia)
Afghan Women: "No nation can donate liberation to another"*
Jiangxi Petition Agencies Protect Women’s Rights (China)
Yale Student Says Man Who Attempted Sexual Assault Punished With 1-Day Suspension (US)
Mumbai gang rape: Five suspects arrested (India)
Inside the Minds of Russia’s Black Widows
In 5 yrs, Nepal Police to have 10pc women
Myanmar Reports Latest Incident of Sectarian Conflict
Contributed by Megan BirdThe Soapbox: On Kasandra Perkins And The Color Of Domestic Violence 
Former Montana Teacher Gets 30 Days for Student Rape

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