Tuesday, 13 August 2013

To be or not to be- A girl!

Child, be a girl or boy grows up by tons of care showered by his/her parents. Girls are mother’s treasure and father’s pride. Girls glorify the house by their selfless pious innocence. Few girls are fortunate enough to be nurtured with affection by parents and family but many girls are deprived of such tender love and care. Girls tend to be more sensitive being they need more attention than male siblings. Here’s a self narrated story of a girl who wasn’t bestowed with blessings of her parents for long.
I am 8 years old and I have a lovely family back home and amazing friends at school. I enjoy studying as well as playing. I have a younger brother who is close to my heart. I am the star of my father’s eyes. He loves me the most. He constantly encourages me to excel. His motivation is indispensible in my life. It is hard to plan my day without my parent’s blessings and love.
My parents believe that it is equally important for girls to be educated in a family. It was like any other day, I was returning from school and I saw people hurrying towards my home. I rushed with them towards home. I was sweating and running out of breathe. As I made my way through the door, I saw my father lying unconscious on mat. I ran towards my mother and asked her the reason for what all was happening. She was numb and lost. I was perplexed at the situation and was wondering how to react. The neighbours told me that my father had met with a tragic accident in the morning and his blissful hand would be no more above my head from now on.
I was shattered; I felt as if the earth which was under my feet had been snatched by someone. Our lives had taken a worst turn. My family was deserted and our source of income had finished too. We were forced to leave our rented home. Our close relatives were no more close to us. We had to work hard every day to make our living. Life was getting difficult day by day. School, home and friends all had left us in the mid way.
Harsh yet so called civilized life made my mother realize that it was impossible to bring up two children and especially a girl. What could upbringing of a girl fetch her? A sense of insecurity! I wouldn’t be able to stay with her for life. My brother could be her support and her old age cane (as per popular norm).
Hence, she decided to leave me at a roadside. I was left out all alone at the mercy of God. Luck was hard on me and I was taken to an orphanage. I had to work as a slave at that place with insufficient food to eat. I used to carve for a tender healing touch. I used to cry whole night and wished to die soon. There was no friend and no one who could even ask how I am… I was leading towards an aim less life. I wished to pursue studies but there wasn’t any scope. If all this wasn’t less then I was brutally beaten at times by the head. In these years, I had lost all hope and the word “love” had become non-existent for me.
Somehow, luck again knocked at my door and a family approached to the orphanage and wished to adopt a girl child. They chose me amongst the 50 girls. They had lost their daughter and knew the importance of a daughter in life. I was scared to go with them as I had no faith in family life anymore. I reluctantly went with them as either ways I had no choice of my own. I was ready to accept whatever life had to offer ahead. It took me time to adjust with the family. They treated me as their own daughter. They showered buckets full of love and care over me… I was drenched with dew of heaven.
It has been 3 years since then and I am happy with my new life. I do miss my family at times but couldn’t get a chance to meet my beloved brother and mother again.
By Dr Aakshi Kalra

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