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August 12, 2013
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Ban asks Security Council to consider actions against CAR
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling on the Security Council to consider actions such as sanctions or creating a panel of experts to help curb lawlessness in the Central African Republic. At least 1.6 million people in CAR need humanitarian aid including food, water, shelter and health care. "This is unacceptable. The plight of the people of the CAR must be brought to an end," Ban says. BBC (8/9), (8/9)
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Above the Fold
Quote of the Day
@UNFoundation: There are 1.2 billion youths in the world today. Check out some of the ways the UN is engaging them: #YouthDay
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UN Dispatch
"If the activities of her first week in office are any indication of how she will approach her new job, Samantha Power has signaled strongly that she will be a US Ambassador the United Nations cut from a different cloth than her predecessors." UN Dispatch (8/12)
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United Nations
UN asks people with disabilities to weigh in on disaster plans
The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, along with UN Enable, WHO, UNICEF and others, are surveying people with disabilities to find out how they deal with disasters. The survey looks at the hazards and risks that affect people with disabilities, as well as personal and national disaster plans. The results of the survey, which will be used to shape the post-2015 development goals on disaster risk reduction, will be announced on Oct. 13, which is the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. (8/9)
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Health & Development
MDGs have improved health, income in sub-Saharan Africa, Jeffrey Sachs says
The Millennium Development Goals have made measurable differences in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of lowering poverty, raising GDP and reducing under-5 mortality, malaria and maternal deaths, writes Jeffrey Sachs, special adviser to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the MDGs. "The MDGs played an important role, of course together with other factors, in helping to reverse these adverse trends," Sachs writes. (8/6)
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Women & Girls
Women's voices need to be heard as DR Congo struggles for peace, UN envoy Robinson says
Women need to be included in peace efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo because their community-building skills are needed, writes Mary Robinson, United Nations special envoy for the Great Lakes region of Africa. "Women's voices should not only be heard because they are the victims of the war. Their active participation in peace efforts is essential, because they are the most effective peace builders," Robinson writes. The Guardian (London)/Poverty Matters Blog (8/12)
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Peacekeeping and Security
Pro-Morsi demonstrators hold fast as police refrain from action
Backers of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi remained in their protest camps as police held off from dispersing them. Observers worry that any attempt by the police to remove the demonstrators will set off another round of violence. BBC (8/12), Reuters (8/12), The New York Times (tiered subscription model) (8/11)
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U.S., Russia try to move peace talks forward as Syria splinters
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov continue to work on moving Syrian peace talks forward. As the preparations drag on, Syria is splitting up into three distinct parts, experts say. "There is no doubt that as a distinct single entity, Syria has ceased to exist," says Charles Lister of IHS Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre. Al Jazeera (8/10), Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)/The Associated Press (8/12)
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