Thursday, 22 August 2013

World Bank Group Weekly Update

Satellite Data Informs Development Satellite Data Informs Development
Poland Seeks to Boost Innovation Helping New Businesses Thrive Which Coastal Cities Are at Highest Risk of Damaging Floods? Power Line Projects Create Significant ‘Indirect' Jobs
Poland Seeks to Boost Innovation Helping New Businesses Thrive Which Cities Are at Highest Risk of Floods? Power Line Projects Create 'Indirect' Jobs
With support from the European Union and the World Bank Group, Poland is developing new avenues for economic modernization. By increasing investment in research and development, the Polish government is looking to improve infrastructure and foster international partnerships. Entrepreneurship is booming in Nepal, helped by a modernization project that has streamlined the process by which companies register with the government and file their annual reports. A new computer system, with the support of the World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation, has made it easier for start-ups to register. A new study pinpoints cities around the world that will be most at risk from rising sea levels caused by climate change. The study finds that the costs of global flood damage could rise to $1 trillion a year if cities don't take steps to adapt. Building power transmission lines can create far more "indirect" jobs than the often-cited "direct" jobs in construction, operations, and maintenance, according to a new World Bank Group study that used an innovative approach.
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Why Vehicle Safety Matters Why Vehicle Safety Matters
"Crash-test results found that new cars sold in Latin America were 20 years behind in technology when compared to similarly priced U.S. and European counterpart models built by the same company."— Dipan Bose, Aug. 19
Girls and Technology Can Change the World Girls and Technology Can Change the World
"Governments need to actively encourage young girls to consider technology as a career option in order to address skills shortages and unemployment."— Liviane Urquiza, Aug. 21
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World Bank Group Provided Strong Support to Europe and Central Asia in Fiscal Year 2013
High-Speed Broadband Goes Live in Tonga
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Facebook PhotoUNICEF: Kid President has Goodwill Ambassador Amitabh Bachchan on the line to explain why #theworldneedsmore #immunization. Watch it here:
Aug. 20, 2013
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KIVA: Join us in action against poverty. Share your favorite campaign, help make progress w/@GlblCtzn #DayofAction
Aug. 21, 2013
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