Sunday, 15 September 2013

Is it the beginning of safe era for women?

It was 16th December 2012 Sunday night, when Delhi, the capital of world’s largest democratic country India witnessed a heinous crime popularly known as Nirbhaya case. Usual Sunday night became fun day night for many but for few it was the dusk of utter misery and extreme pain. The narrow lonely roads cried for mercy at the sight of the girl but no one could hear the voice. Gang rape and brutal inhumane murder of an innocent 23 year old physiotherapist student evoked rage and disgust globally. There were massive protests and campaigns within the country depicting the gravity of the crime. It wasn’t the first rape in the state but still it aroused attention of many. If statistics are to be considered, according to the National crime records bureau, registered rape cases in India have increased by approximately 900 per cent over past 4 decades. Some believe that only 1 among 100 cases is registered to the police as families have fears regarding their honour and post publicized life of their pre-traumatized child.
Nirbhaya had its concluding court session recently which was awaited by all. The punishment inflicted cannot bring the girl back but at least the wrong doers can be taught an indispensible lesson for life. Thus after 9 months of pain, all those four criminals/rapists have been sentenced excluding one who committed suicide in jail. Among the rapists, one is below 18 years of age and the other is doing distance learning graduation. None of them has a criminal record too. They hailed from poor families residing in different parts of the country and were in Delhi for earning their livelihood. They were staying in suburb area and were on party that night. They had robbed a man too before Nirbhaya and her friend boarded the bus as told by one of the rapists.
What gathers our attention is why such a crime then? Just satisfying their lust for the moment was a good enough reason or they were left with no empathy for women. We have no answers but this case trial is definitely an eye opener for criminals because the general public is definitely not going to tolerate any sort of injustice against females now. Few say that the victim has presumably gone to a place where they can be no rapes but can’t we make earth a better place for women to live in. Raise voices against such crimes and let our girls breathe freely in the air.

  • Written by Dr Aakshi Kalra


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