Friday, 13 September 2013

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Contributed by Suyog ShelarDocuments: Texas Rape Suspect Attacked 4 Women  
In Middle East, Femininity Used to Punish Men
Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
In Middle East, Femininity Used to Punish Men
Associated Press headline erases partner rape (US)
2 charged with rape of American stewardess in TA hotel (Israel)
How Muslim Women Are Waging a Jihad for Peace
Meet The Egyptian Veiled Superhero That’s Crushing Sexual Harassment
Centre to help circumcised women opens
Women in African politics: a vote of confidence
Sierra Leone minister arrested after accused of raping student
The Patriarchy Lives On (US)

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'18 great bits of wisdom for working women' (Forbes):
'Sex and the Chinese city: Classes help women shed taboos' (Global Post):
'Afghanistan urged to employ more women as police' (Voa News):
'Violence against women widespread; UN study of six Asian countries examines why' (The Washington Post):
'How Muslim women are waging a Jihad for peace' (The Daily Beast):
'Violence against women in India' (Taking Note):
'Why women (like me) choose lowe-paying jobs' (NPR):
'Don't blame women's dress for rape: Harsimrat Kaur' (Zee News):
'War of the women rages in Jerusalem campaign' (Haaretz):
'Four women, four nations, one cause: peace' (UT San Diego):
Contributed by Charmaine Peart
Violence against women widespread; U.N. study of six Asian countries examines why

Daughter of woman stabbed in San Jose talks about case

Woman Stabbed to Death in Dispute
Man allegedly stabbed woman who fell from car, is charged with murder,0,454079.story

Documents: Texas Rape Suspect Attacked 4 Women

Police: tourist raped, robbed at SoBe hotel

Columbus Man Accused Of Raping Women After Offering Them Rides

Vigil held for woman killed in domestic violence incident
Charge: 2-time Seattle child molester raped girl, 6

Contributed by Maryam Gholamrezai
‘We don’t care what’s on your head:’ Ontario hospital recruits Quebec health workers

Contributed by Megan Bird
Women's Rights Activist Caution Against Hanging Rapists
UN Women's Rights Chief Wants US to Do More\09\13\story_13-9-2013_pg4_13
Police arrest ex-roommate of woman killed in Clearwater

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