Tuesday, 17 September 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Parmeet NagiCierra Ross, Chicago Mom, Charged with Raping a man at Gunpoint
Contributed by Stephany ArmasOp-ed: Why Syria Matters for LGBT People If you still don't know or care about what's going on in Syria, here's why you should
Contributed by Megan BirdSouth Dallas Rape Charges Shock Neighborhood
Outreach Program Teaches Clergy How to Help Domestic Abuse Victims

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'Mammograms urged for younger women' (Napa Valley News):
'Women in tech largely unfazed by men's behavior' (SF Gate):
'On planes and trains, everyone prefers to sit next to women. Lucky us' (Slate):
'7 'Men's' jobs that are calling out for women' (The Huffington Post):
'The panel: Why is there only one woman in Tony Abbott's cabinet' (The Guardian):
'10 questions strangers need to stop asking pregnant women' (The Huffington Post):
'Venezuelan women are dying from buttock injections' (The Atlantic):
'Women arrested demanding action on Immigration Reform' (Bill Moyers):
'Why some Australian women loathe Tony Abbott - especially now' (The Telegraph):
'How to design a city for women' (The Atlantic Cities):
'Feminism' can't force Muslim women to ditch the veil' (The Telegraph):
'Secrets women keep from men' (The Huffington Post):
'Socio-economic status influences risk of violence against aboriginal women' (Science Daily):

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