Thursday, 19 September 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Suyog Shelar

Contributed by Tatiana Otto
Global Poverty, Women's Rights and Sexual Violence
India: Death Penalty will not end VAW
It is time to end Sexual Violence in Burma
Island women urged to speak out on VAW
Stressed women experience more violence
Marching against VAW
Cyber security debate to protect women from violence
Al Jazeera Feature on Women
Domestic Violence: Men killing Women
Contributed by Anvi Sood

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Where is 'red line' on rape in war? (Syria)
Sexting, Shame and Suicide (US) 6 medical centres for sexual assault survivors on cards (India)
First Step to Fixing Gender Bias in Business School: Admit the Problem (US)
Child Brides Caught in Conflict
Women Still Earned 77 Cents On Men's Dollar In 2012: Report (US)
Justice for Washington rape victim 30 years after attack (UK)
Rehtaeh Parsons photo used in Facebook dating ad (Canada)
The Inside Story Of The Feminists Who Fooled Us Into Thinking Playboy Cared About Consent (US)
A week after being allegedly raped, 12-year-old commits suicide in Jharkhand (India)
Contributed by Karol Arambula
'Celebrating the top women in banking but noting a lack' (Deal Book):
'Portfolio details spell out Tony Abbott's role as women's minister' (The Guardian):
'Why women should skip Business School' (The New Yorker):
'The social and legal arguments for allowing women to go topless in public' (The Atlantic):
'In the new, empowered India, women are less likely to be walked on and abused' (Forbes):
'Women are legally free to abort a baby because of its sex, says abortion charity head' (The Telegraph):
'Five women who should have been in Abbott's cabinet - and yes, on merit' (The Guardian):
'New census bureau survey: women earn $11, 500 less than men annually' (The Guardian):
'What I say to Miss America, and anyone who still thinks women;s beauty is only bikini-deep' (Policymic):
'25 Women, one message: well done' (Lowellsun):
'Why pregnant women are obsessed with tidying and nesting: It's all to do with their inner cavewoman' (The Daily Mail):
'Women with breast cancer may overestimate secondary risks' (Reuters):
'UN 'failing' women with poverty eradication targets' (Euractiv):

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