Thursday, 26 September 2013

News for Today

Contributed by William Kin
Gambia: This Week Is the Worldwide Awareness of the Reproductive Health What Do We Know About Our Reproductive Health

Ghana: We Will No Longer Fall Victims to Human Rights Violations - Women Declare
Africa: HIV/AIDs Report - New Infections Down, Treatment Expands

Africa: Putting the Last Child First Will Further Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals

Contributed by Ana Maria GuerraeBay: rape joke T-shirts for sale – more #everydayrapeculture (UK)
South Dallas serial rape suspect apologizes for two assaults (US)
Japanese 'Aunties' Party Presses for Gender Parity
U.S. abortion funding restrictions harm women both in the United States and in Developing Countries
Seeking justice through the ICTY: Frustration, skepticism, hope
45 Assaults, 10 Reports, 1 Punishment: Sexual Violence At Vanderbilt University (US)
Abused for Surviving: What Amanda Lindhout Faces After Captivity
Contributed by Megan BirdCanada's Aboriginals Compile Own Database of Missing and Murdered Women
Economic Development = Equal Rights for Women?

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