Wednesday, 4 September 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Stephany ArmasNigerians rally around #ChildNotBride 
Yerima Persuades Senate To Support Underage Marriage In Nigeria    
Talk Therapy for Wife Beaters in Germany's Turkish Community  A growing support group challenges cultural assumptions about domestic violence.
Contributed by Suyog ShelarPaid Family Leave in California: All is Not Well
INDIA: Tribal women leaders seek safety & innovation as Maoist insurgent conflict continues
Contributed by Sabrina SinghSeptember 1: "Barracks for Female Cops Soon" (The Himalayan Times)
August 31: "Women, Bought and Sold in Nepal" (The New York Times)
August 31: "Survivors lead fight against human trafficking in Nepal" (Global Nation)
August 30: "What If Empowering Single Women  Could Educate Entire Generations?" (Huffington Post)
August 30: "21,000 women, children go missing in past seven years in Nepal" (Global Times)
August 26: "In 5 yrs, Nepal Police to have 10pc women" (The Himalayan Times)
August 22: "Witchcraft charge forces woman out" (The Himalayan Times)
Contributed by Parmeet NagiWhile raping a woman, he burnt her husband to death, News - Nation - Pune Mirror,Pune Mirror
HC of Punjab and Haryana, under amended laws, sentenced a rapist to imprisonment till death.

Contributed by Farah Najar Arevalo:
European Central Bank pledges to double senior roles for women:
“Amicus Curiae” por violencia contra la mujer
Who Doesn't Like To Watch Half-Naked Girls Dancing?
'I knew I had to change the mindset that ambassadors should be men':

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'Women corporate directors' (DF):
'When women outnumber men on campus: What it means for marriage' (The Globe and Mail):
'Life expectancy grows for women age 50 and up' (The New York Times):
Women in philosophy? Do the math' (The New York Times):
'Gambian women fleeing female genital mutilation' (BBC News):

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