Saturday, 7 September 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Agata Blanco CompostelaAFRICA: Women in Botswana gain legal inheritance rights
Contributed by Ana Maria GuerraHave the police failed to record the Twitter threats against me? (UK)
La violencia sexual de la dictadura, presente 40 años después (Chile)
Female author gunned down by militants in Afghanistan
More cops arrested on rape charges (South Africa)
Men Accused Of Horrific Gang Rape In Mumbai Allegedly Assualted 10 Women In Six Months (India)
Refugee Crisis in Lebanon Takes Extra Toll on Women
Six-year-old rape victim ordered to wed rapist's 8-year-old son (India)
The falling domestic violence stats are a sign of police failure (UK)
One-fifth of female veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan show signs of sexual trauma (US)
Two Croatian Serbs sentenced for rape during 1990s war

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