Monday, 9 September 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Agata Blanco Compostela
Pakistan's only female fighter pilot becomes role model for millions of girls 
Russia:N.Caucasus Region Permits Headscarves in Schools
Botswana OKs Inheritance Law;
Taliban Kills Author 
In India, Daughters-in-Law Encouraged to Speak Up 
Cuban Teenagers Overuse Abortion as Birth Control   Spain:Unprecedented legal victory as health service is made to cover gender reassignment 
Mexican Bus Drivers Try To Avoid Deadly 'Hunter Diana,' Skip Work  
Nigeria's child brides: 'I thought being in labour would never end'  Palestinian Women Hope To Gain Divorce Rights 
Bangladeshi slum dwellers face higher risk of domestic violence 
25 November - 10 December 2013: Europe mobilises against rape and for the Istanbul Convention as a tool of change! 
Crime novelist delves deep into Armenia’s illegal sex-trafficking industry

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