Wednesday, 11 September 2013

UN Wire September 10, 2013 -Syria agrees to plan to yield chemical weapons

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Syria agrees to plan to yield chemical weapons
Syria is accepting Russia's proposal to hand over its chemical-weapons stocks to prevent a military airstrike by the U.S. "Let's see if we can come up with language that avoids a strike but accomplishes our key goals to make sure that these chemical weapons are not used," said U.S. President Barack Obama, while the U.S. Senate is preparing revised legislation. Reuters (9/10), USA Today (9/10), The New York Times (tiered subscription model) (9/10), Reuters (9/9), Reuters (9/10)
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@GirlUp: "Being a Teen Advisor meant a unique kind of sisterhood." @yingyingsmiles wrote a letter to new Teen Advisor class:
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UN Dispatch
"John Kerry suggested in an apparently off-the-cuff remark that the only way Assad could avoid US military strikes was to put all of his chemical weapons under international control in one week's time. Russia's foreign minister seized on this idea, and apparently secured Syrian approval for it. Ban Ki-moon endorsed the proposal at a press conference later in the day." UN Dispatch (9/10)
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United Nations
Security Council to consider resolution on Syria's chemical weapons
The United Nations Security Council is expected today to consider a French resolution asking Syria to put its chemical weapons under international control. The French offer comes as Russia made a similar proposal. The Guardian (London) (9/10), Talk Radio News Service (9/9)
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World Happiness Report suggests policy alignment with well-being
The United Nations 2013 World Happiness Report argues that countries' policies should reflect what their populations deem as necessary for happiness. "There is now a rising worldwide demand that policy be more closely aligned with what really matters to people as they themselves characterize their well-being," says Jeffrey Sachs, director of Columbia University's Earth Institute and one of the report's authors. The Huffington Post (9/9), National Geographic News (9/9)
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Health & Development
G20 takes small steps on tax and transparency, but more needed
The Group of 20 has declared support for tax reforms and transparency, but developing countries are unlikely to see much change in tax dodging by multinationals, which costs poor countries $160 billion annually, argues Alex Prats. "This has devastating consequences for public services such as schools, hospitals and roads -- and the millions of people who need them," he writes. The Guardian (London) (9/6)
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Women & Girls
Pervasive gender violence found in Asia-Pacific, UN study says
A United Nations study of gender violence in six Asia-Pacific countries finds that gender violence is widespread, with nearly 25% men having committed rape. "The acknowledged motivations for rape highlight its foundation in gender inequality: men reported that they raped because they wanted to and felt entitled to, felt it was entertaining or saw it as deserved punishment for women," the study says. Thomson Reuters Foundation (9/10), (9/10)
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Peacekeeping and Security
Central African Republic remains in danger of failure
Fighting between supporters of ousted President Francois Bozize and the Seleka rebels who took power has killed 73 or more people, according to reports. Reuters (9/9)
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