Thursday, 31 October 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Parmeet Nagi
14 year old girl gangraped in Chigurukota

Contributed by Charmaine Peart 
Women: UConn failed to take sex assaults seriously
Cultural commitments and rape
Combating Domestic Violence: One Size Doesn't Fit All
Domestic Violence Awareness Month: The fight against black women’s higher rates of intimate partner violence
Baltimore County Commission for Women to hold domestic violence information fair Dangerous times: Programs for domestic violence victims Counselors to talk Oct. 23 on domestic violence
Local businesses raise funds for Citizens Against Domestic Violence
Protecting women: Honda, Boxer sponsor bills to help prevent violence against women around the world boxer-sponsor-bills-help-prevent
Breaking domestic violence silence key to recovery
Contributed by Karol Arambula:
'Yes, men really do ogle women's bodies' (USA Today):
 'Dangers come with freedom for Indian women' (The New York Times):
 'Why young women are going off the pill and on to contraception voodoo' (The Guardian):
  'Career women need a better half who does his half' (Slate):
 'India breast cancer surge hinders private exams for women' (Bloomberg):
'Who is to blame when a man cheats? According to a revenge website, only the women he cheats with' (Slate):
'Why breast cancer awareness month is actually a huge insult to women' (PolicyMic):
Contributed by Megan BirdV.P. Biden Visits Austin Domestic Abuse Hotline
CASA, Sunstar Paramedics Partner for Domestic Violence Training
Study Shows Violence Against Women Costs Tennessee $880 Million Annually
Contributed by Stephany Armas
UN expert breaks global silence on rape of young virgin girls in Iranian prisons 
Day of the Girl: A survivor’s journey after female genital mutilation  Women in my community worry that they won’t be a good Somali woman if they haven’t undergone FGM.  This is a practice that continues to control women's sexuality
Do We Really Want to Talk About Mass Surveillance?
 Another from the 28th is related to the Yemen Constitution regarding child marriage.  Yemen must ban child marriage in new constitution - rights group
Contributed by Ana Maria GuerraTeen Pregnancy Rooted in Powerlessness
We Need More Women in Tech: The Data Prove It (US)
Women in South Africa are living in a war zone
Abigail Disney: Telling War From A Women's Perspective
Do We Really Want to Talk About Mass Surveillance?
World Health Organisation: unemployed youth in Britain are a public health time bomb
Why keeping girls in school can help South Sudan
Prochoice is love, unconditionally (US)
The REAL Problem With Domestic-Violence Awareness (US)
Prostitution : 73 % des Français pour la responsabilisation des clients

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