Thursday, 17 October 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Ana Maria GuerraBob Filner, Former San Diego Mayor, Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges (US) New Law: Six Months in Prison for 'Excluding Women' (Israel)
Missouri town harassed victim of alleged rape and her family until they fled (US)
Who Were Humanity’s First Artists?
UN human rights official endorses call for Canadian inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women
Are ‘Anonymous’ Hackers Turning Their Attention to Rape Culture? (US)
Shifting Young Men's Attitudes About Gender in the Balkans
Teenage woman crucified as part of a 'week long exorcism carried out by her boyfriend and three of his religious friends' (France)
Academic Whores (US)
Contributed by Agata Blanco CompostelaRap video about hidden women on science
Burma refuses to relinquish rape as weapon of war 
First ever Women’s Congress to be held in Hungary 
World Food Day and the Women of Keur Moussa  The [Korea] girls are back in town
Contributed by Megan BirdRapes of Native American Women 'unprosecuted'
Local Women's Rights Issue on Election Day Spearheads Rally
Slate Forgot That the One Common Factor in Rapes are Rapists

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