Wednesday, 9 October 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Farah Najar Arevalo    
Más estados piden prisión vitalicia, ¿al olvido la reinserción social?: 
This cancer patient’s treatment is on hold because of the government shutdown:  
I’m just saying no to mammography: Why the numbers are in my favor:  
'Negative Physiological Impacts'? Why Saudi Women Aren't Allowed to Drive:  Instruye SSA investigar caso de mujer que tuvo a su bebé en jardín:!/noticias/instruye-ssa-investigar-caso-de-mujer-que-tuvo-a-su-bebe-en-jardin-579.html  
55 por ciento de tiendas comunitarias de Diconsa son atendidas por mujeres:

Contributed by Agata Blanco Compostela
Using Women to Win in Syria   Azerbaijan's Women Endure Workplace Harassment Driving doesn't hurt ovaries - Saudi doc    
Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science?   
Underage marriage among Muslims in Kerala ignites debate

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Nebraska Court Rules Teen Too Immature for an Abortion, Fine to Raise a Kid (US)
How Canada's sex-assault laws violate rape victims
Despite 3rd sex recognition, life is hard for transgenders in Nepal
Kenyan police free gang rape suspects after making them clean yard-report
Steubenville High School employee indicted as grand jury investigating the Ohio rape case that shocked the nation vows to 'uncover the truth' (US)
Brave Busia girl battles as her rapists go scot free (Kenya)
Former Shadow Defence Secretary: British women should be allowed to fight on front line
Israel Police recommends veteran journalist be charged with sexual harassment

Contributed by Megan Bird
Time to Block Gun Violence Against Women
Fratboy's 'rapebait" Advice Creeps Out Social Media

Contributed by Suyog Shelar
Feminist and Queer Movements Need to Rethink  
Closure of Bronx Maternity Ward Stirs Activist Ire 
Women's Groups Amplify #GetCovered Message

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'Women who broke the rules in Nepal' (NPR):
'A study in scarcity: Women at Central Banks' (The New York Times):
'Twitter spat raises question: where are the women?' (NBC News):
'House GOP Disapproval opens doors for women candidates in 2014' (The Huffington Post):
'Republicans try to craft 'right message' for women' (USA Today):
'10 years of supporting women in business' (Buffalo News):
'A bank by women and for women' (Al-Jazeera):
'Study: Women aren't living as long as they used to' (The Huffington Post):
'Plus-size women prefer the term 'curvy', poll finds' (The Huffington Post):

Contributed by Megha Kaushik
Legal centres to educate Muslim women on rights 
One woman dies every hour in India over dowry: report 
APEC Forum on Women Gets Underway in Bali

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