Tuesday, 26 November 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Violences faites aux femmes : ce que nous, médecins, devons dire aux victimes (France)

Steubenville superintendent, 3 others charged in rape case inquiry (US)

Feminism, According to Stock Photography

Unsafe abortions: Haiti’s abortion crisis

Global campaign targets violence against women and girls caused by 'militarism'
L'Afghanistan envisage de rétablir la lapidation pour adultère

Struggling with femicide and impunity for crimes against women in Central America

Can Child Marriages Be Stopped?

Italy vows war on violence against women - report

Most Women In Finance, Asset Management, Suffer Regular Sexism (UK)
Contributed by Megan BirdEmpowering Women and their Communities

Ending Violence Against Women: IDRC Speaks Up


Contributed by Farah Najar Arevalo:

ONE PHOTO A DAY IN THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE: http://www.publicisgroupe.com/#/en/videos/info/id/22882


Las mujeres tienen un efecto positivo en la lucha por la paz alrededor del planeta; 3 mil 750 son cascos azules

La violencia aumenta 50% probabilidades de contraer SIDA; 1 de cada 3 mujeres es agredida por su pareja: ONU

Senador pide tipificar femicidios en Michoacán; exige investigar 100 casos de mujeres asesinadas este año

2 murders and 3 mysteries: the Aarushi-Hemraj case

Jornada contra violencia hacia la mujer: http://www.informador.com.mx/multimedia/fotogaleria/22155/

Malala claims Sakharov Prize / Single EP seat / Women on boards

Violence against women in India, behind the data

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