Sunday, 3 November 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Agata Blanco CompostelaA nightmare in shining armor:young males in Spain are developing violent   Pregnancy Discrimination: Far From a Thing of the Past   
Sex selective abortions worry Azerbaijanis
Are Horror Films Having a Feminist Crisis?  Woman filmmaker in Iran sentenced to 18 months in prison 
Cheap vinegar tests for cancer saves women’s lives in Africa & India 
Bodies of migrants found in Niger desert 
Dozens of Saudi Arabian women drive cars on day of protest against ban
Women body image
Contributed by Megan BirdReal Men On Board Effort On Gender Equality
University of Connecticut is Sued Over Handling of Sexual Assault

Contributed by Farah Nájar ArévaloGirl Rising (Official Trailer):    
Mujeres latinas con menos acceso a TI    
El MP de Guanajuato no dio pruebas suficientes: El agresor confeso de Lucero, entonces, seguirá libre:    
Planned Parenthood v. Abbott goes to another courtroom     Tribunal de Sonora podría reclasificar el asesinato de Priscila y castigarlo como un homicidio “brutal” 
This Jewelry Ad Might Seem Normal To Americans, But It's Causing A Huge Stir In India:  
Contributed by Hannah Clarke
Campaign against trafficking of women and children in Kundapur

Half of the 1470 women trafficked in Syria are from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

One in three women in Greece are a victim of domestic abuse

Protests in Kenya aim to create awareness of violence against women

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