Saturday, 7 December 2013

Libyan women’s rights activist wins second international award



By Taziz Hasairi.
Queen Noor of Jordan with Aala Murabit (R)
Queen Noor of Jordan with Aala Murabit (R)
Tripoli, 6 December 2013: 
A Libyan women’s rights activist has been chosen from more than 170 international nominees as the winner of an award that recognised her “bold thinking and fearless attitude” in seeking to advance solutions to challenges faced by women worldwide.
Alaa Murabit, founder and president of the Zawia-based NGO Voice of Libyan Women received her award from Queen Noor of Jordan at the Trust Women Conference in London.
“VLW has achieved tangible impact for women both in politics and society” said the queen, adding “Alaa’s bold thinking and fearless attitude are an inspiration for all women to be the architects of their own future”.
VLW was described as a grassroots movement that promotes women’s political and social participation, as well as the  elimination of all forms of gender-based violence in Libya.
Murabit was praised for her media and educational project, “Noor” which, the organisers said  highlights women’s security concerns and helps clarify the cultural misunderstanding and misinterpretation of Islam in Libyan Society. Besides the award itself, Murabit was presented with a cheque for $5,000 to continue her work.
In June, Murabit won this year’s Golden Apple award given  by the Marisa Bellisario Foundation

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