Monday, 23 December 2013

Menace of road accidents

Life in an urban city is a roller coaster ride. If it is an assured gateway to aspirations then it is also an uneven challenging road of survival. Life takes its toll in its own assigned way especially when loop holes are open. I was heading towards my office at my usual pace. While on the way, I was noticing the usual hustle and bustle of people struggling for office hour’s casualty. Suddenly at the road diversion, I saw mob raging with high pitched voices. I couldn’t stop myself from going towards them. I observed a woman drenched in blood lying on the road. People were standing all around her not to take notice of the emergency she was dwelling in but to mock at the situation. They were busy analyzing the situation’s minute details. I overheard a man saying, “I don’t wish to entangle myself in the problems of a woman. She must have been wrong. What is the need of stepping out of the house?” It was an unfortunate yet sheer example of male chauvinism. 

Who gives an individual liberty to decide what should be done by others be it male or female? Ignoring the ambience, I moved apart the crowd to see her. She was pregnant and in immense pain. I immediately called the ambulance. Along with few other individuals, I managed to lift her from road. Someone told that she had met with an accident while crossing the road. The driver of the car which had hit her was drunk. This kind of insensitivity isn’t novel but definitely grief stricken. It was a run and hit case. Helping a woman in pain didn’t seem to be a priority for that person. Ambulance arrived in sometime and she was taken to the nearby hospital. Nobody wanted to utter a word about the incident to the police as they didn’t wanted to be caught in the case. Sometimes silence is bitter than words. That woman lost her child due to negligence of others. Also, driving a vehicle while being in the influence of alcohol or any other intoxication is no less than a crime. Alcohol acts as a depressant which slows down the activity of brain. As far as 30-40% cases of road accidents are due to alcohol consumption.  The judgment power of alcohol drinker gets impaired. That is why it is unsafe to drink and drive. Strict rules and regulations are being implicated in spite of that cases are reported every now and then. Public awareness programs should be conducted often along with teaching ways to quit alcohol. People should also be encouraged to help the victims of accidents without any reluctance and gender bias. If we can’t curb such accidents, we can at least reduce their numbers by wise judgment and quick reaction. Be exemplars of altruism, it will make you feel content.

-          Written by Dr Aakshi Kalra

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