Sunday, 29 December 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Megan Bird
Forensic Exams of Rape Victims Plummet
Reports of Rape on Campus Up Sharply
Help for Domestic Violence Cases

Contributed by Karol Arambula
'Harley-Davidson study: Women who ride are happier, more fulfilled' (Los Angeles Times):
'10 Women who shaped 2013' (CNN):
'From women to 'Camp Gyno' stories that got women fired up in 2013' (CNN):
'Secret to happiness? Be a conservative woman' (The New York Post):
'Amid a year of progress for women, some missteps to learn from' (CNN):
'Why 2013 was a good year for women in gaming' (Forbes):
'Men more likely than women to compromise values for career success' (Fact Tank):

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