Thursday, 23 January 2014

News for Today

Contributed by Karol Arámbula

'Only 15% of Davos attendees are women, even fewer than last year' (Quartz):

'China executes man who kept 6 women as sex slaves' (UT San Diego):
'Workplace discrimination against women persists in Latin America' (La Prensasa):

'Women running for governor: Three things to watch for in 2014 races' (The Huffington Post):

'Helping women to think big: Scale up' (Forbes):

'Why don't more women want to work with other women' (The Atlantic):

'Challenges rises for women over Pakistan's breast cancer taboos' (The Japan News):

'Shockingly few Davos attendees are women' (The Huffington Post):

'Ford needs more women in top jobs, Mark Field says' (USA Today):

'Nigel Farage: women must sacrifice family life to succeed in finance' (The Guardian):
Contributed by Suyog Shelar
China Executes Man Who Kept 6 Women as Sex Slaves 
More Moms Losing Kids in Family Court Drug Wars
Contributed by Airhunmwunde, Matthew
Central African Republic: Factbox - Women in the Central African Republic
In African-American women, link discovered between depressive symptoms and adult-onset asthma
Tanzania: Women's Freedom - Inclusion in Draft Constitution Hailed
23 Questions Every Twentysomething Asks Herself Once
Somalia: Women's Role Critical to Development Says Ambassador
WTF: Woman Wins Historical Tennis Match, Gets Asked Sexist Interview Question
Gambia: Govt's Commitment to Root - Out Gender-Based Violence Reaffirmed
The History of Abortion Laws: Roe v. Wade Anniversary
Kenya: Youth and Women Will Not Access Uwezo Funds Just Yet
Uganda: Real Men Found in Fathers' Unions
Somalia: Somali Women Decry Lack of Enough Representation in the New Govt
New research: Cranberry concentrate reduces risk of urinary tract infections in elderly
Zimbabwe: Women in Demo Over Hubbies' Pay
Kenya: Kitui Women's Group Reaps From Cassava
Nigeria: 140 Women Die Daily From Child Birth
Liberia Needs Trained Midwives
Kenya: Busia Women MCAs Angry Over Gender Bias
Panties in a Bunch: Lingerie Throughout History
Central African Republic: Female President-Elect in Central African Republic
Uganda: Fashion - How to Wear Leggings
Africa: Empowering Women Builds Better Futures
Liberia: Word Centre On Girls Empowerment
South Africa: Govt Takes Gender Bill Around the Country
Angola: Afcon 2014 Handball (women) - Tunisia Beaten By Angola (19-25)
Zimbabwe: Netone Calls Women Soccer

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