Thursday, 20 February 2014

Intellectual honesty: what would it be like if everyone did their best?


Fist, let me tell you, this was particularly hard to write. And, you may wonder, why? Well, because for the most part of people intellectual honesty is just an accessory that may be used whenever they feel like, or whenever it suits. If it presents no advantages, then why to be honest with what you’ve came to understand after several years of study? Just be in accordance with your professor or with your group of friends and do not cause any trouble! And if the person you disagree with is your boss? Then, you can’t say a word!
Of course that the coexistence of men is essential for any society and to disagree does not mean to be isolated from the others. But, after affirming that, it is in our best interest to contribute in a meaningful way to society and we can only do that with intellectual honesty. So, here are a few notes that women need to know, for those who don’t know yet or just prefer to deny the fact that:

1.      Dressing with appropriate clothing for classes or just for any occasion in general does not make you victim of the “oppressive beauty standards”, it makes other people care about your intelligence or about your opinions, instead of your breasts. Of course, that does not mean that you need to be thin and have silky hair in order to be pretty, but just be respectful to your body, because if you do not respect it, how else will men take you seriously, or any professor, for that matter? The SlutWalk is so blasé. It seems as if the participants of these “walk” should find some interesting activity to do, like reading or working, maybe some actual charity could be useful as well.
2.      Information is always a key. So, instead of believing in every statistics shown by your colleges and professors, just inform yourself more. You should start by reading the book: “How to Lie with Statistics”, written by Darrell Huff.
3.      Maybe if, for instance, you are carrying a large number of books and a boy asks to help, you should accept it, because you might eventually drop the books at the floor if you don’t accept it. They are just too heavy!! That does not mean that the boy in particular is sexist, maybe he would’ve done the same thing if he saw a man carrying the books. When you call this person a sexist, you are the one spreading sexist commentaries and crazy interpretations about facts.
4.      Women have to always be careful of where they are, because unlike men, we do not get to do whatever we wish or to dress how we feel like. We shouldn’t walk in desert streets. Is it fair? No. But feminism must stop making women more vulnerable, we must have extra concerns since violent people tend to attack women instead of men, so let’s not pretend that we should fight sexism wearing clothes that will make us more vulnerable or by doing whatever we wish. This is not a realistic solution and it may cause serious consequences.
5.      Some works, and I am not referring to the ones which use the intellect, just can’t be done by women, like heavy work, for instance. Of course there may be some women who are willing or even work in constructions sites, but, let’s be honest, how many of these women have you seen (if you’ve even seen any)? As mentioned by Camille Paglia:
“Every day along the Delaware River in Philadelphia, one can watch the passage of vast oil tankers and towering cargo ships arriving from all over the world. These stately colossi are loaded, steered and off-loaded by men. The modern economy, with its vast production and distribution network, is a male epic, in which women have found a productive role — but women were not its author. Surely, modern women are strong enough now to give credit where credit is due!” [1]
That does not mean that women are inferior, they are just different! Of course, both genders should be treated with respect and equally, but that does not mean that women should try to be more like men!! We are pretty in our own way!!! And before we ask for others to accept differences, maybe we should try to learn to accept them ourselves, since many activists seem to despise femininity or the use of female characteristics.
The comments made in this text are not sexist and I hate any kind of discrimination which isn’t related to merit.
Can someone have the intellectual dishonesty to affirm I’m wrong or that I am prejudicial?

Gabriela Isa Rosendo Vieira Campos

[1] It’s a Man’s World, and It Always Will Be |

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  1. Gabriela, what a lovely and intelligent text! Thanks for teaching me a few things :)