Tuesday, 4 February 2014

News for today

Contributed by Suyog Shelar
Lloyds bank group pledges to employ more women
Somaliland: The Women Shepherds

Contributed by Agnese Cigliano
The "culture" of rape and harassment:

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:

'Gladiator sport or a family thing: Why are women so into the Super Bowl?' (CNN):

'Breast cancer: older women dying from ignorance' (The Telegraph):

'The best-paying cities for women 2014' (Forbes):

'Spanish abortion law prompts women's group protests' (BBC):

'Sex before marriage lands 'Downtown' women in dire straits' (Today):

'Women in business: Q&A with Sandra Wilkin, President and CEO of Bradford Construction' (The Huffington Post):

'Women on Boards: Another year, another disappointment' (Harvard Business Review):

'Panel recommends 50% quota for women in decision-making bodies' (The Hindu):

'Career drive equal for men and women' (Business Daily):

'Abused women vulnerable to HIV infection' (Health 24):

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