Thursday, 13 March 2014

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
La hija de Salvador Allende se convierte en la primera mujer que preside el Senado (Chile)

Guest post: 'I was trafficked into prostitution' (UK)

Denuncias de violencia contra la mujer en Cali terminan archivadas (Colombia)

Egyptian doctor and girl’s father both face trial over fatal female genital mutilation

Women journalists harassed and abused, often by colleagues - survey

Study: Women Who Can Do Math Still Don’t Get Hired (US)

Girl-child’s walk towards equality (Rwanda)

Helped by quotas, more women enter Latin American politics

U.S. Senate passes military sex assault bill, may take months in House (US)

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:

'Women should embrace the B's in college to make more later' (The Washington Post):

'Why Women's History Month' (The Huffington Post):

'Princeton mom says 'it's all on women' to find husbands, to be in control' (Today):

'Iraqi women protest against proposed Islamic law in Iraq' (Reuters):

'Obese pregnant women 'cost NHS up to 37% more' (BBC):

'Facebook CEO and other powerful women: Banning 'bossy' (The Indy Channel):

'Math bias seen in hiring of women' (Boston Globe):

'International Women's Day: Malala, Page 3 and Top Gear' (The Guardian):

'Middle class women ignore dangers of drinking during pregnancy' (The Telegraph):

'Hundreds of Scottish women to launch damage claims against makers of the vaginal mesh implants which have left them in constant pain and even unable to have sex' (Independent):

'The case of women on boards' (Forbes):

'UN Commission on women opens annual session, to focus on development' (UN News Centre):

Contributed by Farah Najar Arévalo:

La igualdad entre mujeres y hombres es progreso para toda la sociedad:

European Union Publishes Comprehensive Survey of Violence Against Women: 

Equality Means Business:

Ban: Igualdad para las mujeres: progreso para tod@s:

La participación de las mujeres, los jóvenes y la sociedad civil en el diseño de la agenda post-2015, a debate:

Contributed by Suyog Shelar
Iraqi Candidates Step Up; Sex Assault Bill Fails

Take It from Me: D.C. Rape Bill Needs More Muscle

GOP Female Duo Faces California's 'Jungle System'

U.N. Probes Canada's Neglect of Aboriginal Women

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