Monday, 10 March 2014

Look at Gender Inequality With a Parallel Worldview

Have you thought of, what if there was another planet where all men are discriminated against for jobs, social status and everything. What if men were treated like women are in our world today? 

This french short film portraits a worldview in which women are the ones who dominate the society, while men are in the weaker position. This parallel universe theory points out that everything could happen. There is no certain set of rights and wrongs, which means, women do not necessarily weaker/worse than men. 

This novelty should strike many people hard. Taking the view of the possible existence of a parallel world makes us realise it is all about majority. The majority rule the society. This applies to every society and applies to every single social issue. The stereotyped set of mind determines which group is more powerful. It just happens to our world that most cultures rank men higher than women.

By Sean Yau Shun Ming

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