Thursday, 10 April 2014

Men are from Mars, Women from Venus: Some bizarre restrictions that shouldn’t exist even on those planets

Not being sexist neither is discrimination generally capable of being amusing, below are examples of gender discrimination [in no particular order] so ridiculous that can get you wondering how they even came up with these.
Saving grace, some of them have faded over time while others we hope will.
10. Threading, make up and perfumes:
There are religious restrictions as per Islam on threading, so as to ensure God’s originality [the way he made the women] is maintained….  arguable whether that’s a boon or bane for those of still remember that pain from last beauty salon visit!
Also, use of make up to enhance beauty is not encouraged and perfumes for its potential to attract attention towards women.
9. No LOL:
This one is not religious by autocratic, Taliban directs women to not laugh loudly to ensure men don’t hear them. Also, high heeled shoes that could make sound making their footsteps heard are a no-no. Shhhhhh!
8. Flared pants or Bright colors:
Revolutionary Women of Afghanistan [RAWA] lists so many more ridiculous ones - Taliban does not prefer women wear flared pants or ‘attractive’ colors.
7. Eating Chocolate while on Public transport:
According to ‘legal fable’ with no conclusive proof, apparently at sometime there did exist an English law in the 19th century that prohibited women from eating chocolate while on public transport.
6. Being behind the wheel:
Although this also sounds anciently dated but unfortunately is not, Women in Saudi Arabia continue their struggle and battling arrests for driving cars on the roads also bikes/ cycles. Driving a car is considered a punishable offence.
5. Travelling Abroad:
Even before the crisis, Syrian women needed written consent from male members of their families to be allowed travel to another country. Also true for Iranian women.
4. Use of mobile phones:
Local governance body for some villages in India thought it unfit that unmarried women used mobile phones. Thankfully, it did not hold too much ground.
3. Shaving their head on wedding night:
 Not out of religion but it grew to be a custom for women of some Jewish sects to shave their heads on their wedding night. Exact opposite to what a bride would do on her big day.
2. Only closed toe-d dark shoes:
Vatican City suggests women in the city wear only wear closed shoes in dark colors. Also pants are not recommended clothing and women do not get to vote. Women citizens are a humble 2 digit number.
1. Half a testimony/ One by Two:
In front of Yemini courts testimony by two women count to one by a man. They also can not testify in cases related to adultery also theft.
R.I.P. to whoever is bothered about principles of justice.

Written by Jotika C

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