Saturday, 5 April 2014

News for Today

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:

'Comfort women deserve a memorial: their ordeal must not be forgotten' (The Guardian):

'Which male film characters would you like to see recast as women' (The Guardian):

'Report: Men still outnumber women in media' (Politico):

'Jennifer Weiner on taking women writers seriously' (Elle):

'Op-ed: Yes, women like porn too' (Advocate):

'Black women are breaking barriers but still not getting compensated for' (Think Progress):
'There's a bill attempting to get women equal pay - so what's the holdup' (Takepart):

'Study says women face long battle for equality in Lebanon' (The Daily Star):

'Women's fashion during wartime (New Book)' (The Huffington Post):

'Does more women in power = more peaceful societies' (CNN):

Contributed by Suyog Shelar

[Philippines] Women in radio: Intensifying advocacy on gender equality, women empowerment

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