Monday, 14 April 2014


I was deliberating onto the question, What is the status of a women in a society?
In a society such as India’s, especially if we view a metropolitan city such as Delhi, the benefits somehow act as a catalyst to improving the position and somewhere they add upon the already enjoyed benefits.
I have had the advantage of experiencing the exposure that many in my country evaluate as a blessing.  If I am to sum up my experience in a day, I somehow meet, see and encounter women from different walks of life, with different expected behavior they have to deliver to the society.
My day starts with waking up to a woman who is a servant, reaching the residence of another women -who is working and raising a family. The lower class hunger driven women, who has little care of her hygiene – has her expectations out of this society to achieve a day’s meal for herself and her family. The other women she is attending to, has what the maid expects but is seeking to a wholesome development of her family in this cost ridden society. Me, on the other hand is a privileged middle class girl, who has been given a chance to fulfill her dreams and is allowed to work, unlike the other lakhs who are deprived. On my journey to my college (I take the famous metro), I get to encounter various women from various walks of life - the entrepreneur, the artist, the housewife, the activist, the lawyer, the journalist, the aged women, the pregnant working ones, the newly married – the common thing about them all is that they are taking a stand and creating their identity as a vital source to this society. In my University, I meet a several more, the ones who are there to do something in life (like “us” reading this) and some there to get a degree to have a better prospectus for a married union and the rest - just following their destiny. After College, I work like many other girls. I am proud to state that – no matter how limited the number is. In my workplace, the Woman owner, is a very powerful educated one with a family. My fellow co – workers - are all educated women, giving a hand in adding to the income of the family. An uneducated yet resourceful women, helps in taking care and managing the centre. I get to interact with beautiful powerful mothers, strong in demeanor, who are perfect in all aspects – in my head I equate them to Gods of management. 
Now, what I fail to understand is, Why do we need to discuss the status of a women in this society, When evidently by proof we are as important as our counter gender. Why does the question of discriminating against us rise.
Is there a problem in how we are educated to think differently? Do we lower our standard in the society by doubting our caliber? Do we perceive that we are weak?
As per my view. I see no weakness in a woman, except belief in their own spirit.

Kritika Angirish

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