Wednesday, 14 May 2014

News for Today

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:

'Why are women so 'unhappy'?' (The Guardian):

'Iranian women post pictures of themselves without hijabs on Facebook' (The Guardian):

'Missing aboriginal women should prompt national inquiry, UN official says' (The Globe and Mail):

'China's growing gender gap: women are not just 'leftover' but left out' (The Guardian):

'Health law gives pregnant women new options' (Businessweek):

'Are women kosher supervisors a step toward gender equality?' (JTA):

'Women want to be chosen' (Algemeiner):

'Op-Ed: Women make their voices heard in Ukraine' (Ottawa Citizen):

'One in five women say they are anxious most of the time: Number worried about money or loved one doubles in just five years' (The Daily Mail):

'Still talking about it: 'Where are the women'? (Public Editor):

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