Friday, 2 May 2014

News for Today

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
India elections: what women want from a new government

Montana Supreme Court: One-month prison sentence for rape is too lenient (US)

Responding to Rana Plaza: a made-in-Bangladesh boycott won't help girls

1 in 4 Canadians have tried to help a friend leave an abusive partner

Nigeria's stolen girls

Africa: homophobia is a legacy of colonialism

The White House Just Released an Anti-Sexual Assault Video That Every Man Needs to See (US)

Kenya: Uhuru Signs Law Legalising Polygamy

Nigeria: Schoolgirls Kidnapped in Nigeria Married Off to Their Abductors - Report

RCMP not denying report of more than 1,000 murdered, missing aboriginal women (Canada)

Military sexual assault reports up percent (US)

New Kenya law legalizes polygamy; women's group applauds it

Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Criminalizing Pregnant Women (US)

UK anti-slavery bill must focus more on victims, MP says

Women politicians in South Asia face violence, threats and abuse- report

Nigerian Girls Deserve Better Than This

Should We Step in to Help Nigeria Find Kidnapped Girls?

55 schools face US federal sex assault probe

Contributed by Farah Nájar Arévalo:
Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative:

Feminists aren't 'man-haters' – we just don't like men who are sexist

Sri Lanka Pushes For Rapists To Marry Their Victims

The Language of Dude Feminism:

Video: “Las muertas del Estado”, libro sobre feminicidios en el Edomex.- Aristegui: 

Sentencian a mujer que prostituía a su hija menor de edad:  

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:

'Million-woman march' over Nigerian kidnappings' (The Guardian):

'Why do so many women wear so much makeup?' (The Atlantic):

'Why are women more opposed to abortion?' (The Guardian):

'Training men and women on campus to 'speak up' to prevent rape' (WSHU):

'Wedding bells sound alarm for China's unwed women' (The Star):

'Violent men and the women 'they love' (DailyLife):

'For women, they pay gap begins with kids' allowance' (The Globe and Mail):

'Wesleyan University students demand frats admit women or leave campus' (Newsweek):

'Victorians must speak out to tackle culture of violenge against women and children' (The Age):

'How women could boost GDP' (Global Public Square):

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