Sunday, 6 July 2014

News for Today

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:

'On women and children: Is it wrong to use the expression 'women and children' when reporting on disasters or war' (Al-Jazeera):

'Women's earnings peak at 34, but for men it's 50: Difference due to women returning to work part-time after having children' (The Daily Mail):

'Statins could help reduce women's risk of breast cancer' (The Guardian):

'No regrets, say the Chinese women who chose independence over marriage' (The Guardian):

'More than quotas are needed for women in politics' (The Daily Star):

'Senegal's parity laws ensure women well represented in governments' (The Star):

'Can we stop saying Tinder is good for women now?' (NY Mag):

'Torture, abuse of women in Syria spark outcry' (AlArabiya):

'It's official: men and women are terrible at flirting, reveal researchers - and say the key to attracting a partner is to abandon all attempts to subtlety' (The Daily Mail):

'Why it's so damaging to tell women they can't have it all (and why I'm so tired of hearing it)' (Forbes):

'A world to convince: why a woman can't have it all' (Hindustan Times):

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