Friday, 18 July 2014

Rally for Women’s Rights at Bangor Hobby Lobby

People rallied for women’s rights outside the Bangor Hobby Lobby Saturday morning.
This protest in front of the state’s only Hobby Lobby comes after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the craft store last month, saying employers don’t have to pay for certain kinds of health insurance for employees, if it’s against the company’s owner’s religious beliefs.
Regulations issued under the Affordable Care Act require employers to pay for 20 different kinds of contraceptives, Hobby Lobby offers 16 of them, arguing that four of them could cause abortions.
The 5 to four court ruling incited protests across the country.
Protesters in Bangor say this decision should be between a woman and her doctors.
“We feel that women’s rights are very important and they’re being chipped away and this is just another case of women’s choices being taken from them,” says Abbie Strout, protest organizer.
The group says it plans to continue educating the public when it comes to legislation regarding women’s rights.


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