Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Women & Society 2014

By Anastasia Khramova

You are trying hard to pay your bills like, being on time on your rent, electric and utility bills. You are trying hard not to starve. You are trying to be on time to work every day. You are also trying to look for a 3rd or second job for those who are not lucky with jobs.

Yet you apply for the USPS job opening position. You apply, fill in your first, last name, and all the personal information such as address, previous work employment.

They send you the link to only say that you failed their assessment test. You scratch your head. Wait a minute, you never took one. You think to your self.

In the questionary section there is a question that gets you upset and angry . Are you black, white, African american, spanish, latino or other. Or you choose not to answer.

You choose white. Because your ethnicity is white. You still don't get the job.

You work at Burgerfi , a minimum wage job that pays $8.75 an hour. Mean while, you try your best to get every order correct as a cash register. Your balance on the cash register is always even. You notice that your hours start getting lower and lower. You wonder what you're doing wrong.

You come up to your boss. Ask for more hours. He shows you a post on the wall. The post says, " Don't complain about less hours. The manager is less responsible for his hours then he cares most about his employees. So get another job. "

You start crying because you know you have another job but your trying to pay your rent on time.

You then a few days later get your last pay check at Burger Fi because the manager at the end Fires you.

You then later on notice that a few weeks passes by and Spanish Employees are wearing Burger Fi shirts. Not only 2, but 3 or 5. You start to cry. You wonder why you got fired.

You believe and want to think, you just weren't meant right for the job.

I think, it's discrimination.

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