Friday, 1 August 2014

Empowerment of Women

Written by Sushanth KP

In first-world countries, empowering women by placing them in typically male industries generally mean an increase in safety. FMC mines loves employing women in their mines because although women are going to have to work more slowly because of the physical constraints, this allows for an overall increase in safety; less on-site injuries and of course fewer deaths. In management, woman ask more questions, are generally less competitive, and will admit more willingly when they don't understand something. Men aren't smarter than women; women are just more vocal about what they don't know. This leads to improved communication and fewer missteps for big projects.Humanity as a whole can be considered more civilized. We will have less violence against women as they will be less afraid to take action against such things. We will have more specialists and minds focused on improving our future. Disadvantages are mainly for men, but it will create more competition in the workplace for the same amount of jobs and possibly reduce the rate of reproduction (possibly an advantage).In countries where there are educated women,there is less chances of developing population explotion.

Women can plan about their future and chances of unplanned pregnancies will be lesser creating a better environment to lower income families.Overall there are many advantages of women getting educated and employed.Imagine a world where women are given their rightful place, not exactly a higher place than men but an equal place ,there will be less conflicts, no war,more compassion and understanding. In 2001,Harvard scientists have found that the frontal lobe of the brain which is responsible for decision making and problem solving is larger in females than in, a woman in biologically and psychologically more competent in being in managerial positions than men.

If you're a lady still concerned about the size issues let's address that now. In female brains, the neurons are packed in tightly, so that they're closer together. This proximity, in conjunction with speedy connections facilitated by the white matter, is another reason why women's brains work faster. Some women even have as many as 12 percent more neurons than men do .In studying women's brains, psychologist Sandra Witelson found that those neurons were most densely crowded on certain layers of the cortex, namely the ones responsible for signals coming in and out of the brain. This, Witelson believed, may be one reason why women tend to score higher on tests that involve language and communication, and she came to believe that these differences were present from birth . All this ultimately tells us that women are better at some workplaces than men. All this is of use only if a woman is educated in certain fields to begin with a career in which she is certain to excel. In the 18th century a woman wasn't even allowed to get a formal educations. 

Only in the late 19th century did a girl start going to school and college. Even then she wasn't allowed to work. In the beginning of the 20th century, 'feminism' opened doors to woman employment. The real question is, was the word 'feminism' really required to get a woman started with a career ,wasn't it mother nature's original intended structure to have equality between males and females,if that was so why are women not treated the same as men even though they are biologically superior to men. If not superiors at least treat them as equals.

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