Saturday, 9 August 2014

Women rights activist Abha Singh condemns Shiv Sena over 'Saamna' editorial

Senior advocate and women's rights activist Abha Singh today condemned the for its editorial on rape cases published in it's mouthpiece 'Saamna'.
In Lucknow, Singh told ANI, "A political party like Shiv Sena making a statement like this through their mouthpiece 'Saamna' is absolutely wrong, because article 146 of Indianforbids character assassination of a woman who is a victim of rape under article 376. And by making such a statement Shiv Sena has done just that."
The editorial published in newspaper "Saamna" says that leveling rape charges has become fashionable these days.
The article also said, 'New laws were made after the shameful 'Nirbhaya' incident, but did rape cases decrease?'
It added, 'Cases of sensationalizing through accusations of eve-teasing and rape have increased.'
Abha Singh, however, added that the Shiv Sena is supporting the accused DIG because of their "Marathi Manus" theory.
"Sunil Paraskar is a Maharashtrian and that is why Shiv Sena is supporting him and denouncing women" said Singh.
She also said, "The job of the police is to conduct impartial investigation and bring forth the truth, Shiv Sena should not intervene in the investigation. It is statements like these that prevent women from approaching police to lodge a rape complaint. Shiv Sena is doing vote bank politics. Maharashtra state assembly elections are scheduled to be held in two months from now and Shiv Sena is attempting to please the Maharashtrians to gain political mileage".


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