Monday, 1 September 2014

Because I’m A Girl

It could be in the third world I’m conceived
But the difference is yet to exist in the way I’ll be received
My chromosomes last longer so I’m more likely to be born
But my family would have wished to have a son
Because I’m a girl at a tender age I’ll be forced to cook
Forced to clean and manage, whilst other sexes sit and look
Because I’m a girl I might be malnourished
For other sexes must be first fed hence I’ll be punished
Because I’m a girl education might be a fairy tale
As it is believed that I live to serve other sexes till I’m drained, old, and pale
As I approach teenage years I’ll be forced to go through pain
And because I’m a girl it would come monthly, over and over again
It’s a man’s world so I’m born to make no mistake
To compare myself to any characteristic of masculinity is a piss-take
Because I’m a girl life expects me to fail
I’ll be lucky to survive let alone prevail
 Because I’m a girl I must half my hopes or dreams
Because the world chooses to burn them or unthread their seams
Because I’m a girl I must marry at a young age and conceive
And sit at home to serve lest I’m ill-perceived
But if in this process I birth a girl again
The cycle will restart and she’ll go through my pain
But I’m not just a girl I’m me
I have a name you called me by, stop addressing me by the sex you see
I have my dreams too
I may be destined to be greater than you
Because I’m a girl I will do it better
Because you sat and watched while I worked with life; my body, mind, and soul toiling together
Because I’m a girl I will pull through
Because I have already faced the harsh side of life as I spoon-fed you

Le Versificateur
Copyright© 2014 Osiobughie Aigbokhaode

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