Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Women's Rights Group Invites Burger Fans To #CutTheCarls

The founders of Beauty Redifined, twin sisters and holders of PhDs from the University of Utah, are inviting the burger-eating public to #cutthecarls.
The media campaign is in response to long-running Carl’s Jr., ads, featuring bikini-clad starlets and models in suggestive poses while eating Carl’s Jr. burgers.
“They are just pushing the boundaries, and they are doing it blatantly,” co-founder Lexie Kite told the Associated Press. “They are only getting more and more sexually objectifying. We know as well as anybody how much harm this does to men, to boys, to girls, to women, to relationships. It’s time to speak up.”
Carls Jr., owned by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc., has previously been criticized by the Parents Television Council for the content of their racy ads, which are designed to appeal to young men. The company has also come under fire from pro-choice groups for founder Carl Karcher’s funding of anti-abortion activities.

Source: http://knprnews.org/post/womens-rights-group-invites-burger-fans-cutthecarls

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