Monday, 22 December 2014

Women’s rights movement launch

A Women’s Rights Action Movement (WRAM)was launched on Wednesday to support the advancement of women and girls human rights in the Solomon Islands.
WRAM Vice-chair, Afu Billy launched the organisation that marks the end of the 16 days of Activism campaign against gender-based violence.

Speaking at the launching, WRAM president, Rose Isukana said WRAM was founded by like-minded women and men who believe in the cause for gender equality.

“The founders saw a need to effectively and consistently remind government of gender issues in the country, and their commitments to addressing these issues, focusing on the need to reform laws and policies.”

Mrs Isukana said WRAM also recognises the need to be robust and work with civil society organisations to constantly remind and work with WRAM duty bearers to ensure that the needs and concerns of women in Solomon Islands are addressed.

WRAM was established in 2011, a registered charitable organisation under the charitable Act of Solomon islands.

In 2013, the movement was fortunate to get some funding from the International Women’s Development Agency to setup its office.

WRAM has recruited two staff to begin implementing its three years strategy. The board consists of nine members and has 18 financial members. The organisation welcomes anyone who would like to become a member and its next AGM will be in May 2015.

“WRAM is a new organisation, but those behind it are not new to working with and on issues affecting women,” Mrs Isukana said.

“These issues must not be seen as women’s issues only, but issues that once addressed shall contribute positively towards a stronger Solomon Islands.”

Mrs Isukana pointed out the organisation recognises the work of various women NGOs in the country and the work of the government through the ministry of women and would like to be an effective partner in addressing women’s issues.

She said the organisation also recognises the work of all NGOs and development partners and donors.

“We would like to see WRAM grow to be a key player in promoting gender equality, to help build its capacity and the capacity of other local women’s NGOs to enable us to effectively lobby and advocate for changes that will benefit our communities and a safer Solomon islands.”

The launching was attended by women organisations, ministries and invited guests at the Iron Bottom Sound hotel.



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