Saturday, 25 April 2015

Pushing The Boundaries on the Perception of Muslim Women

The last thing one would expect would be Muslim women on the comedic scene, yet here they are -- a group of Muslim Pakistani-American women are pushing the boundaries of perception on desi Muslim women and they do it while inviting the audience to share in their jokes and laughter.
New York-based writer/performer Aizzah Fatima produced a one-woman comedy show called "Dirty Paki Lingerie" as a result of her growing frustration with the limited perception other have of her as a refugee or a victim.
On the other hand, Fawzia Mirza, a Chicago-based actor/writer/producer, explained that a lot of limitations imposed on Pakistani children regarding an artistic career stems from being born in a conservative culture where an artistic endeavor is seen as not financially stable enough and potentially harmful to one's reputation.
The consensus in their artistic endeavor seems to be that their experience is not necessarily representative of the Pakistani experience in general, but that there is a need for a broader representation that would pull away from the usual one and give more insight.


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